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Solid toothpaste, the plastic free solution to traditional toothpaste tubes. 


Made in New Zealand, this fluoride toothpaste is not only good for your teeth, but also for the environment.


Get the kids excited about brushing again with the super kid friendly strawberry flavour.


Say goodbye to single-use plastics and hello to sustainable oral care.   Join us in our mission to reduce plastic waste and make a positive impact on our planet.


I have 4 types available.


  1. Fresh Mint: Refreshing classic peppermint, gentle foaming action with a refreshing icy after-brushing feeling.
  2. Spearmint: Mild spearmint flavour with a refreshing cool finish. This is a milder mint than our fresh mint paste.
  3. Sensitive:  Refreshing classic peppermint flavour. Contains potassium nitrate which is scientifically proven to relieve tooth sensitivity.
  4. Strawberry: Mild strawberry flavour with a hint of bubblegum and NO spicy aftertaste.  A winner with the kids.


All of our toothpastes are dentally approved with 1000ppm fluoride to protect and strengthen teeth.  You get approximately 180 brushes per jar and are vegan, cruelty and palm oil free.


1 jar = 2 plastic tubes saved from the landfill.


Directions for use:


Using a clean dry spatula, apply a pea sized dab of toothpaste to a soft toothbrush, then brush teeth for two minutes. Spit. Use morning and night. Designed for age 12+. Consult your dentist if sensitivity persists after two weeks of twice daily use.


Store out of reach of children and pets. This product is self preserving. Close lid securely after use.

Solid Toothpaste


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