Hi there!  I’m Karen, owner of Nanny & Co. 

If you are visiting our online store you are likely looking for ways to become more eco-friendly.  Good for you!

My husband Stuart and I have five grown up kids between us and two beautiful grandsons.  It was those gorgeous wee boys as well as the move to a small rural town that started this whole Nanny & Co journey.

I realised I was reverting back to doing things my Nana did.  Getting back to basics.  Making my own cleaners, using dish soap and shaker instead of washing liquid in a plastic bottle etc. 


Being on tank water and having a septic system meant conserving water and watching what went down the drain.  I was more aware of this now than I had ever been living in town.   

And being Nanny to Cooper and Beauden made me think about the impact everyday products were having on them. 


We hear all the time about the effect plastic and chemicals has on us, as well as the wildlife, sea life and our environment. 


Like a lot of people, I cared about our environment but I didn’t do much about it.  Until now.

We can all make a difference - click here to see how.

I hope you love our range of products.  A lot of them are NZ made and they have been tested in my home and on my family.  

So sit back, have a browse and feel free to drop me a line with any queries.